Launching seminar of Artistic Mobility Alliance

Artistic Mobility Alliance is an initiative of the Roberto Cimetta Fund to group together mobility funders in Europe, the Arab geographical zoneAustralia and in Asia.


A launching seminar was organised on 30th and 31st March 2015 in Athens, Greece. By grouping together international mobility funders (funding or regranting organizations) to discuss mobility needs in each of our regions, we can analyse the imbalances in mobility funding and  launch the first pilot joint open call of Ibn Battûta Artistic Alliance through a agreement on ethics and common implementation rules.

The project partners are Asia-Europe Foundation (ASEF), Australia Council for the Arts, Korea Arts Management Service, Valletta 2018 Foundation (as funding bodies), Roberto Cimetta Fund, Arts Network Asia, The Russian Theatre Union (as regranting organisations), and Theatre Entropia (host of the launching seminar in Athens).

This meeting was made possible thanks to the financial commitments of the Asia-Europe Foundation, Australia Council for the Arts and Korea Arts Management Service as well as the Step Beyond travel grants from European Cultural Foundation, a travel grant from the French Institute in Egypt and the logistic support of Theatre Entropia and Theatre 104 in Athens, Greece.

Find online the report, programme, list of participants and contributions to this seminar.


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